Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Most Important Side of My Story

For close to a month now, I stepped away from blogging. I wasn't sure what my next post should be about or in what direction I was headed. I saw the published IEEE Spectrum article I was interviewed for about the RNS implant. (http://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/bionics/life-as-a-bionic-woman) I was happy seeing it and it made me reflect on the interview I had in person.

I remember the thrill I had talking about my whole life experience with the kind and enjoyable author. We discussed everything from the day I had my first seizure to my thoughts about the future. The quoted portions of our long conversation were focused on the RNS, as that was the base of the article it was paired with. The people who have read the article are very interested in the newest technology to better someone's health- as am I. The technology is truly amazing, but to me, so is my life experience.

I decided to go back to the blogging to share what I believe is the most important side of my story as the now "Bionic Woman":  Living my life with epilepsy. My past, my present, and my motivation and hopes for the future.