Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today, 2/11/15

I was flying out of Newark to go to Chicago, as my parents will be moving there full time this year. When I get to the front of the line when they check your ID and ticket, I make sure I show the security guard my NeuroPace card which states that I am not able to have MRIs, any magnetic devices, etc. This is time number 4 going through security and they glance at my card cluelessly.

I get the “what’s this?”

I understand the confusion, it’s new, but all you have to do is read the 2 sentences on the card. I have already tried to explain on my previous times going through security that I have an RNS implant and am not able to go through their security machines. The typical responses consists of a repeat, “What’s that?” or an “umm” or just a crooked stare. Again, it’s relatively new, I understand. But just read the card! 

My past responses to their confused reactions? “I have a metal implant in my head to reduce seizures. It is not safe for me to go through the security machines because of the magnetics and again, IT’S METAL.”

The “understanding” reply from every security guard checking my ID: “Oh, you have a pacemaker? Go wait for a pat-down.”

REALLY? When did I say I have a pacemaker in my chest? I tend to shake my head and walk towards the pat down.

Today, again I got the “What’s this?” 

 My response? “I have a pacemaker,” and walked to the area for a pat-down.

Today’s Status:
1 seizure today and working on my big decision from yesterday.

Hopes for the Future:
Spread awareness and, more importantly, knowledge of epilepsy, the technology, and potential options for a seizure-free life.