Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today, 2/4/15

Today I met my goal of having a productive day. I've been going through my old stuff at my parents' house, weeding through getting rid of things I don't need and organizing the things I plan to keep.

Soon my parents will be putting their house up for sale and moving to Chicago. I'm currently staying at their house, and have been since I got home from the hospital. Others do not want me living alone until I'm seizure free. I'm so thankful for all the support but at the same time it does frustrate me. I'm lacking independence as an adult living with my parents, on a leave from work, and without a drivers license to get myself anywhere.

My family and friends are putting in so much effort for me, driving me here and there, making sure I'm safe. I am the luckiest person to have all of this. Yet, somehow I'm craving my independence back.

I decided instead of being bored sitting around not working that I need to use my time to be productive. This is a good time to go through things, help out my parents going through their things, and taking up some of my hobbies. I've always loved to be crafty and I love to cook, so I've been making use of my empty days to entertain myself and make me busy. I am used to a busy day, so getting back into the flow of a busy day is making me feel like I am really coming back to my "regular" lifestyle.

Today's Status:
Day 5 seizure free!

Today's Hope for the Future:
I want to drop an old medication that was added back onto my list of pills due to my post-surgery seizures. I want to attempt to rely on this RNS. I'm willing to give all the time necessary to see how well this RNS can function and help my seizures. I was told yesterday by a member of the NYU Epilepsy team, "take the process as a marathon, not a sprint." That is my goal.