Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today, My Birthday, 2/23/15

I had a fantastic weekend. For my birthday my boyfriend took me to the museum of natural history and then I got to dress up for a nice dinner and show. If you haven't seen Avenue Q and you are over 18 with an open sense of humor and can handle some inappropriate jokes, I definitely recommend it. It was a nice little escape from the regular day to day living.

I also got a great gift from my parents. Despite the new watch and beautiful bracelet, what I appreciated most was them giving me a children's book that was a great analogy of where I am at in life. It was a way to show their support and share that they are proud of what I've gone through and support me with my many decisions to come. 

I stopped in the Epilepsy Center for what I thought would be a brief time for a few photos; boy was I wrong. I was thrilled to see my surgeon. I hadn't seen him since my post surgery check up. He never ceases (or seizes in this case?! :)) to amaze me. He asked how I've been doing, and I explained my decision of really focusing on my health now rather than laying off of it and coming back in a year or two. It was comforting to know I had his support along with others.

Who knew I was also going to see the nurse, my neurologist and my RNS neurologist. I just wanted to ask for a team meeting while everyone was there! 

I got hit by a proud moment when leaving. My surgeon told me that though he's not my doctor anymore, I can still contact him if I need help or have a question. I replied, "you will always be my doctor. You are the one who started me off on a new foot and are just as much a part of the team as the others. I can't thank you enough for all you've done."

His response (something along the lines of): "you are the one who is at the top. You took the chance and went through with all of this and I am grateful for having you as a patient. It is not about what I did for you, it is about what you do for yourself to improve"

Today's status:
6 days seizure free, thankful for a birthday full of love and caring

Hopes for the Future:
Bring a recording device every time I go to see my surgeon. His humble explanations are amazing.