Thursday, February 5, 2015

Today, 2/5/15

Today was a calm day; days like this, I need. Though it is not medically proven, I believe one thing that may perk seizures in me is stress. Stress from working, stress from emotions, stress from too many commitments, etc.

Taking the disability leave from work in mid October was my best option while having daily seizures and counting down the days until my surgery... or so I thought. Being a teacher of young children, they are used to routine. In my classroom we had simple basic rules- yet we stuck to them tightly, we had a schedule that we followed daily so the children never had to ask when lunch time is, and most importantly we had a close-knit warm environment. When I left, I frequently heard about how my classroom was going in different directions with a new teacher in the classroom. Poor behavior, changes in attitudes, lack of a bond any longer. My stress level increased because I was not able to be there to hold my classroom together.

Luckily, the paraprofessional I work closely with in my classroom was still there and continues to stay in the classroom. I am thankful that as the substitute teacher frequently changes, she is there so my students have someone to help them feel comfort at school. I keep in touch with her frequently. We talk about our students, talk about how I am doing, and decided to keep our conversations calm to relieve stress for both of us.

Today's Status:
Day 6 seizure free! Let's try to drop off the new medication soon!

Today's Hope for the Future:
I look forward to returning to work. I love teaching, but after my whole experience that I have been through recently, my focus has turned toward motivation, positive thinking, and risk taking. I'd love to do something involving this whether it be motivational speaking, being a life coach, or something I have yet to discover. For now, I hope to return to my classroom to end the year on a high note, and I can sneak in my new focus along with the academics :-)