Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spreading the Knowledge

A friend of my parents had been aware of what was going on with me, having frequent seizures but not the "regular seizures," meaning grand mal. She told my mother that one of her friend's children in high school has been "zoning out." She passed on my mother's phone number to talk about what seems to be similar to what happens to me.

On the phone the girl's mother said that she has been zoning out or not paying attention sometimes and then just goes back to normal. She had visited her regular doctor who said nothing is wrong. When I heard that, I understood. How can you put such strange feelings into words?

My mother explained what happens to me when I have a seizure using the descriptions I have picked up over time. The deja vu, the day dream feeling, seeing what is going on but not comprehending it, recalling old feelings, dreams, and scents. These were not all occurring when it came to this high school girl, but enough to sense a similarity.

I recommended that she should see my neurologist at NYU. She got an appointment where she was asked to come in for a video EEG to get direct answers immediately.

Answer: Epilepsy.

We were sent a very positive and grateful message thanking us for sharing our information, our thoughts, and suggestions. I consider it a success. Pay it forward.