Friday, February 6, 2015

Today, 2/6/15

I've watched a couple episodes of Shark Tank today. I love this show. A ton. Seeing the people come on with their creations or ideas and putting everything in to be successful and reach their goals shows great commitment. Yes, they are on the show looking for support from the experienced sharks, but support from someone with experience creates motivation to take it further. 

This reminds me of things going on in my life- minus the idea of money. I have my own goal. I'm focused on this goal. Changing my lifestyle to reach this goal. Taking the risks to reach this goal. Doing research to reach this goal. Spreading awareness to reach this goal. But most importantly, I have the support necessary to accomplish this goal. Doctors with experience and knowledge of the brain, family and friends with experience and knowledge of emotions and changes, and others with epilepsy with experience and knowledge of options and effects.

My goal is a seizure free life. My motivation comes from all my support. 

Today's Status: 
Day 7 seizure free!

Today's Hopes for the Future:
Accomplish my goal.