Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yesterday I was leaving the hotel to go out with my mother during the day. We walked out the front door and I held the door for a man that was coming in with his suitcase. He walked in and I let go of the door, he stopped, caught the door, turned around and said, "Chelsey?"

I have never seen this man before. My father is having a conference here at the hotel, so my first thought was that I may have met him once before, but I don't recognize him. I glanced at my mother who looked as though her claws were out in case this man was after me.

I nodded my head gently. He seemed to notice that encounter was a bit strange. "Sorry, I work with your father. I've read all about your story going through brain surgery from what he had posted online. I recognized you from the pictures."

"Minus the gauze wrap around my head," I said smiling.

"That's right. You are very strong and courageous for going through that and I hope all is going well. I hope to talk to you when I run into you later."

I thanked him. I thought to myself, wow I am popular!... But more seriously, the thought of others thinking about me as strong and courageous makes me realize how life changing the whole experience was.

To read a few of my father's Facebook updates on my surgery, search #curechelsey14 on Facebook.