Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back to Reality- Traveling

Today I took a flight for the first time since the surgery. I am mostly looking forward to relaxing in the warm weather of Florida instead of being freezing cold stepping outside in New Jersey. I am feeling like a real person more and more. Traveling is a big part of my life, as it is by far my #1 hobby. I'm waiting until the day I step out of the country again. 

Being in the warm weather will give me the freedom to do things that I haven't done since the big change. They may seem small and unimportant to most, but they make me feel like I am really getting back to being myself. Spending time outside is what I need most. I just want to go for a long walk on the beach bending over to pick up shells and taking a dip in the ocean. Exercise is something I've been craving. I know I'm not ready to run or play soccer yet, but going for a long walk outside will feel amazing. Coming home from the hospital, I was excited to walk up and down the driveway, a week later I was excited to walk around the small block with a dead end, and each day I went for a walk I would stretch it a bit further. But it being freezing cold out is not enjoyable when wanting to walk for a few miles, especially with the thought of slipping on ice. 

I remember the first time walking outside when it was freezing after surgery. Granted, I was a bit overly cautious still learning about the RNS but when my head got cold, the first thought that came to my head was "I have metal in my head, can I be outside in the cold with that? Will it freeze quickly and ruin it?" Looking back, not my brightest questions; after all it's inside my warm 98.6 degree head. 

Exciting as well, I look forward to the pool and ocean. The only water I've been in so far is the shower. To me, slightly boring. Getting to swim a bit is definitely something that puts a smile on my face. I did promise my head would be covered while lounging in the sun. Don't want to disturb my still slightly scabbed, yet healing lines on my scalp. At least I get to wear my favorite oversized sun hat to come off as trying to be stylish!

Interesting side note at the airport. I had a feeling that it may be difficult to explain my reasoning of why I can't go through the metal detector. Who else has a metal mini iPod looking device in their brain or who has even heard about this RNS device? I surely hadn't known about it before it being discussed the week before surgery. I figured I was a bit strange. 

I got to the security woman checking IDs and plane tickets. I began to explain holding out the card Neuropace sent me, "I have a metal device in my head, and because of this I-" 

"Put your things on the belt like everyone else and when you get to the detector, tell them you cannot go through for medical reasons. Have a good flight," she said. I smiled knowing that I'm not too out of the ordinary having metal inside. I put my belongings on the belt and went over for my first pat down. 

Though I'm still experiencing seizures, I am looking forward to a warm, relaxing getaway and another step towards my real life.