Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Looks: Post Surgery

Looking in the mirror after the second round of surgery, my eye looked a bit squinted like it was pulled too tight and then stapled. This didn't bother me an ounce, I was just happy I looked like a person and could see out of both eyes coming out of two rounds of surgery on the top, side, and back of my head. The doctor had told me at one point there is a bit of swelling which is natural while healing, but it will go down.

He was right. About 2-3 weeks later my eyes looked back to normal as I really began to feel normal in general.

About 6 weeks after surgery, I went to a musical in the city with my family. I decided to bring my glasses with me because sometimes I need them for details in the distance and I wanted to capture it all while watching. I realized this was my first time putting on my glasses since before surgery since I didn't want to poke the area that had the scar in front of my ear, and then once that area was healed I just hadn't needed them. I had just kept them in a hard case in my bedroom to make sure they would be fine and I didn't ruin them.

Quick flashback: When I bought my glasses about a year ago, I put them on and they were crooked. I have always had trouble with glasses looking crooked on me. Sunglasses, eyeglasses, cheap, expensive, always crooked. The person helping me in the store had to take them to the back at least 5 times to melt the part in the center and bend the glasses to at least appear straight on my crooked ears.

Back at the musical, I take my glasses out and put them on to watch the show. Completely crooked! They've been in a hard case and haven't been touched in over a month. How is this possible? I wore them anyways so I could see the show, took them off at intermission because the lights turned on, and popped them back on when the lights dimmed.

When we left the theater walking down the street, there was a little touristy market that had tents outside. I saw a ton of sunglasses and insisted on trying a few pairs on to see what is wrong with my ears now. I grabbed one pair, tried them on, perfect fit. Took another, tried them on, perfect fit. Never have I tried on glasses and had them sit straight without serious bending.

My ears are now perfectly straight. Thanks, Dr., for being a perfectionist stapling me up making sure my ears are symmetric. Went into surgery with the thought of coming out with possibly a few small strange changes in my looks, came out looking even better than before. Bonus outcome to brain surgery!

...I wonder if I will ever need surgery in my gums at some point. Maybe my crooked tooth will come out perfectly straight...