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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ice Cream on Me

            I had a gift card to Coldstone ice cream shop and told my boyfriend, Beast, we should go get a treat, and it’ll be on the card so we will get a nice treat for free. We’ve been spending money here and there like crazy and the thought of spending more on something we don’t need just was not crossing our mind this time as our spending money was dwindling.
            So we walk in the shop and my sweet tooth was peaking. We’ve been trying to be relatively healthy, but this was already known to be a “cheat day” where we eat whatever sounds good despite the nutritional facts. We were standing in line checking out the flavors and the menu. I had a couple flavors I wanted to taste right before making my final decision. Beast had his mind made up ready to order, yet almost nauseating how enormous and sweet of a mix he came up with. Ask him, however, and it was genius because the gift card was going to pay for it, so the more extreme the better.
            The lady behind the counter asks if she can help us and Beast was so eager he had to go first. As he began ordering his castle of a treat, I started getting my aura that a seizure was coming on. At this point, I am able to show that I am having an onset, though verbally communicating is not an option. Beast is ordering and there is no sense in me interrupting his detailed description of the gourmet treat so the employee doesn’t mess up his particular choices of size, flavor, and at least 4 or 5 candies being added in the right order, the seizure has started its onset and I began my zone-out stage post déjà vu and chills.
            When I came back to, I was more confused than the seizures I am generally used to. I wasn’t sure where I was, as I was sitting in a chair at a table facing the outside looking through the window. I became coherent to Beast staring at me with a huge spoonful of ice cream ready to be popped in his mouth (heaven forbid it melts before being eaten) but he notices I’m coming to as he drops the spoon in the dish and starts questioning me, “Is it over? Are you ok? How do you feel? Was it normal? Do you need anything?”
            “Just stop talking!” There were so many questions being sent my way and I just wanted to know what happened and why I don’t remember anything at all. I just needed some quiet time to let me think and try to figure things out. I was a bit timid, but I turned around noticing the front counter and connecting it with that disgusting looking bowl of half melted and mixed together ice cream with way too many chunks of brown chocolate candies inside. Coldstone. I recall I started having a seizure while Beast was placing his order yet I strangely don’t remember at all what happened between him ordering and me coming to at the table. I was a bit nervous to share that I did not recollect anything after my thought of “Oh geez, it’s coming. No, no, go away! I won’t be able to order, and even worse I really wanted to try that banana flavor ice cream…”
            Beast asked me if I wanted him to go up and order anything for me. I shook my head silently. In my head I knew I really wasn’t sure what flavor I wanted and I’d have to try that banana flavor before choosing but I don’t remember if I did anything stupid while I was up near the counter during the seizure, so I am definitely not about to go back up there. What if I was speaking jibberish to the people that worked there? What if I was making a strange face or started wandering? This was one of the longest I’ve had, did I lose my bladder control like I used to 10 years ago when I first started getting seizures before medicine because CLEARLY this medicine is not working??? Definitely too timid to even glance at my pants. I’ve got to get out of here. “Can we go?” I asked.
            Beast agreed silently, hesitant to open his mouth after being told to stop talking, and made sure I was fine walking to the car. He began to drive us back to his house, being sure to continue eating his treat. He offered me a bite, and I took one as I started to calm myself down. That gross looking mess was strangely pretty tasty and I kind of wish I got one for myself before leaving. As I was beginning to relax more, I really started wondering how that seizure possibly lasted so long, as my estimate was about 5-7 minutes, and how everything that occurred escaped my mind completely. I decided I should mention it, as it was abnormal.
“What happened in there?” I asked Beast.
“What do you mean? You had a seizure.”
“Yes, I know I did. But I don’t remember anything at all the whole time we were in there from when you started ordering until I came to and told you to stop talking when you were asking me so many questions and I didn’t even know where I was.”
“Which time?” he asked me.
Confused, I answered, “What do you mean which time?”
“I mean the first time I asked if you had come out of the seizure and making sure you were ok and you viciously told me to ‘shut up,’ or when I asked you again shortly after and you told me to ‘just stop talking!’ I figured you were back to being coherent once you started talking to me the first time because you were interacting with me.”
“WHAT?!” I responded. “I angrily told you to shut up? I don’t recall that at all. I came to when I told you to stop talking so I could try and come to and figure things out. Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to be rude to you.”
            Beast cracked a smile. “It’s fine. I was a bit taken back because you are never like that. After I ordered, I turned to have you order and you waved me off so I knew you were having a seizure. I told the lady behind the counter you didn’t want anything, and to make me look like less of a pig, I told her we would share. You just followed right next to me while I went to the cash register to pay and then to the table to have you sit down.”
I started to smirk a little bit. “What’s funny about that?” Beast asked me. I looked in my purse and pulled out my Coldstone gift card, smiled, and apologized that he had to pay with his money as I brought to mind the incredibly huge and overflowing with candy bowl he had finished.
            “I can’t believe you ate that whole bowl you ordered,” I giggled.
            “Yes, but when the only reason I ordered it like that was to put on that gift card you were flaunting non-stop beforehand and I had to pay about $8 for an ice cream treat, damn right I’m eating every last bit of it!”
            I started laughing. “Guess we will have to go back another time to use it.” Beast didn’t find it as humorous as me as he was annoyed he is trying to eat healthy and save money and I am making him get ice cream with me again. His response?
            “Hand me the gift card when we go in next time.”